Young & Young Attorneys can help you and/or your family members with legal adoptions of both children and adults. We have extensive adoption experience, having handled hundreds of international and domestic adoptions of all types. We will explain the adoption procedure, explore all available options and take the necessary steps to complete the adoption in a timely manner.

The formal steps involved in adoption are generally the same in all states. The parents seeking to adopt must file a petition in court that contains specific information such as the adoptive parents' names as well as the child's, the child's gender and age and information about the child's biological parents. A hearing is then held so the court may review the qualifications of the prospective adoptive parents before granting the petition and signing the final decree of adoption.

Following the adoption proceedings, a certificate of adoption is issued for the adopted child and an amended birth certificate is obtained. The new birth certificate lists the new family name, the date and place of the child's birth along with ages of the adoptive parents at the time the child was born.

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