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Auto Accidents

Being injured in a car accident is painful enough without having to face the many questions that arise afterward. We believe it is our job to help our clients find answers to the many other questions that confront them.believe it is our job to help our clients find answers to the many other questions that confront them.

One-on-one involvement is critical to success in this area of the law. Every case gets special care and is handled personally. In addition, our clients have the added reassurance of a fully-qualified support staff of professionals to assist with their cases. Clients are involved and kept abreast of the progress of their cases with frequent, timely updates.

At Young & Young Attorneys, you're a name, not a case number.

Answers to some questions you might have if you are involved in an automobile accident:

Who is going to pay my medical bills?

Our job is to make sure it is not you. The Pennsylvania "no fault" insurance law controls the process for injuries caused by automobile accidents. Even if the accident was not your fault (you do not even have to have been in your own car), your automobile insurance company will usually pay your bills. If you do not have car insurance, the insurance company covering the car you were riding in is generally responsible. If there is no automobile insurance, your health insurance may be required to pay the bills.

Who is going to pay for my lost wages?

There are several avenues to pursue. If you were injured in a car accident and you carry loss-of-income coverage, your own auto insurance will reimburse you up to the amount specified in your policy. If you do not have this protection or if your lost wages exceed your coverage amount, you may file a claim against the responsible party's insurance.

What about my pain and suffering?

Again there are a variety of ways to help compensate you. Pain takes may forms after an accident. There is the physical pain you immediately endure and often continue to experience throughout your recovery. There is the pain your family experiences, seeing you suffer and experiencing the financial uncertainty of a prolonged rehabilitation. Recovery for this pain and suffering from a car accident should first come from the responsible party's automobile liability insurance. If the person causing your accident does not have any coverage or sufficient coverage, you may be able to recover under your own automobile insurance or that of a family member with whom you reside.

How much might I recover and when?

Ninety-eight percent of our cases are settled out of court. The timing and value of your claim will depend on many factors. These include but are not limited to:

(a) The amount of your medical bills
(b) The amount of your lost wages
(c) The amount of your future loss of earnings
(d) The severity of your injury
(e) The duration of your medical treatment

Importantly, throughout this process we will be working with you to ensure nothing is standing in the way to your full recovery-physically, emotionally and financially. In fact numerous substantial six and seven figure settlements have been achieved by our office.

How can I afford to pay for an attorney?

Do not worry. There is no direct cost to you. "No recovery, no fee" means that all the work we do for you will not be charged to you unless our office is able to obtain a recovery on your behalf. In other words, if for some reason there is no recovery, you do not owe us anything for attorney's fees.

Morever, in most cases we will advance all costs for court fees and other legal expenses that require payment before settlement.

Free consultation. No recovery, no fee

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