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Elder Law

Elder Law involves planning for the complex health care, long-term care, and other issues facing elderly and disabled individuals and their families. Because of the likelihood of needing long-term care at least once before we die, everyone should take into account that at some point residency in a nursing home or an assisted living facility may be needed.

However, the substantial cost of nursing home care for an incapacitated person can wipe away a family's nest egg and the inheritance planned for surviving family members. The primary alternative to privately paying the nursing home is Medicaid.

Long-term Care Health Insurance. Insurers employ dozens or even hundreds of attorneys to draft and review insurance policies that protect their interests. It is important to hire an attorney who can protect your interests when you choose an insurance policy and then assist when you need to collect on your benefits should illness or injuries befall you.

Based in Manheim, Pa., Young & Young provides plaintiffs with experienced and effective legal representation when insurers take actions that may negatively affect claimants' rights. If you have been denied claims for long-term health care insurance benefits or experienced undisclosed rate increases on your policy, we will provide a no-charge discussion of your claim and for analysis of applicable legal issues.

About Medicaid. So many times clients come to our office under the mistaken impression that there is nothing that can be done to protect assets from nursing home costs. Fortunately much of the circulating consumer knowledge is false or misinterpreted. For example, it isn't always necessary to wait 5 years after gifting assets to become eligible for Medicaid. The answer actually depends upon the specific facts of your case. With the help of an experienced Elder Law and Medicaid Planning attorney many of the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating can be protected from high nursing home expenses.

Asset Protection Strategies. The recent passage of the Deficit Reduction Act has imposed restrictions that affect the use of some asset protection strategies. However, other asset protection strategies remain viable, especially for married couples where one spouse requires long-term care. Some involve setting up an Irrevocable Living Trust, making gifts to family members, and paying for certain Medicaid expenses.

Elder Planning is best done when a family or loved one is not in crisis. We encourage our clients, if feasible, to visit with a Long Term Care Insurance specialist and discuss options before they become sick. Meet with an attorney to understand how to best protect your home before you are headed into a nursing home. Share your estate plan, where your important papers are, or have other such conversations with family, neighbors and others close to you so that important papers can be found in time of need and that your wishes will be followed.



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